Our Work With Legacy Companies

Clean Energy and Energy Resilience

ADL supported PG&E in its efforts to identify more sustainable means of powering safe-to-energize circuits during Public Safety Power Shutoff events. Our techno-economic analysis was later provided in its public comments in response to a proceeding from the California Public Utilities Commission.

Open Innovation

Winner of Department of Energy Innovative Pathways grant. Successful challenges include finding innovative building materials for Sto Corporations and woody biomass removal technologies for PG&E.

A Leading US Utility Partners with Startups on Sustainable Forest Management

Millions of acres of California’s forests must be better managed to foster healthier growth with a lower likelihood of wildfires.

Our client alone trims and removes more than 1 million trees near its wires across its territory each year to mitigate wildfire risk, and as many as 15 million acres of California forests need some form of restoration.

Business Unit Creation

A $10B legacy-sector company was asked to present a plan to its corporate board on the energy & sustainability pathways most synergistic with existing internal capabilities and most likely to drive superior financial returns. ADL performed a rapid planning effort, leading to a new cleantech business unit.

Specialty Chemicals New Market Entry

A legacy-sector specialty chemicals company faced long-term contraction of its core business driven by the increased adoption of a new disruptive end-user technology. The organization understood the need to diversify from its well-defended niche and set up a New Business Ventures group to explore adjacent and novel markets, both from a customer and technology perspective.