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Venture Consulting is the process of building new disruptive businesses in collaboration with large successful incumbents. This phased model relies on seasoned professionals with backgrounds in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship to launch lean entities with the highest probability of success.

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An unprecedented disruption of large corporate business models is underway affecting even the most mature industries. To remain successful, companies must rethink the way they have done business over the past decades to leverage the latest technological advances.

Rapid technology growth and distributed information, means that today’s businesses rise and fall by their ability to flexibly innovate in their core businesses.

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WhY US ?

The ADL Venture Consulting model helps mid and large size corporations leverage and grow their business while defending their current market share from competitors and new entrants alike. Working with ADL is faster than internal task forces alone and more cost effective than pure acquisition strategies. Our process allows innovation to flourish within large organizations.

ADL brings a strong bias to action with the ability to work clients from concept through launch and execution.

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