Industry Specialties

Our industries vary, but our discipline does not.

Digital technologies are breaking down barriers to market entry imposed by regulation and economies of scale, exposing the vulnerability of leaders in industries with low levels of technical and digital adoption.

ADL helps clients defend their markets from aggressive startups and digital giants alike by helping them leverage their domain expertise and incumbent knowledge with emerging technologies in which we specialize. We have helped clients in these rapidly changing industries defend their markets and grow top-line revenue with new products and services.

Energy & Utilities

Power and water utilities engage ADL to address innovation opportunities with existing assets to improve resilience, optimize operational performance, and enhance reliability

Smart Cities

ADL’s expertise in energy & utilities combined with extensive experience in buildings & construction put ADL at the forefront of Smart Cities initiatives across the U.S. at the federal, state, and city levels

Buildings & Construction

Prefabricated / modular construction, mobile-based hardware, and digitized building information models are transforming construction into a manufacturing-based industry