Our work with legacy companies​

Digital technologies are breaking down barriers to market entry imposed by regulation and economies of scale, exposing the vulnerability of leaders in certain industries with low levels of technical and digital adoption.

ADL helps clients defend their markets from aggressive startups and digital giants alike by helping them leverage their domain expertise and incumbent knowledge with the emerging technologies in which we excel. We have helped clients in these rapidly changing industries defend their markets and grow their revenue with new products and services.

Energy, Water, and Waste

Power and water utilities engage ADL to develop addressable opportunities with existing assets to reduce energy consumption and production costs and enhance reliability


Work with OEMs, Tier 1s to identify, develop and validate software and hardware solutions in conjunction with Procurement, R&D, and Production departments


Panelized modular construction, mobile-based hardware and software tools building information models and digitization are transforming construction into a manufacturing-based industry

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics are being revolutionized by the convergence of GPS-based services and AI to make real-time routing decisions and move products and people around the world


Technology is forcing even the most reserved insurance companies to rethink how risk should be priced and developing the urgent need for new products and insurance providers

Health Care

Affordable genomic testing, the emergence of wearables and a more sophisticated understanding of how exercise and diet can enhance quality of life are allowing patients to manage health