Our industries vary, but our discipline does not.

The Future-Proofed Utility

Energy & Utilities

Bringing incumbents, startups, and government together

Buildings & Construction

Streamlining the transition to EVs and alternative fuels

Clean Transportation

Energy & Utilities

Power and water utilities engage ADL to address innovation opportunities with existing assets to improve resilience, optimize operational performance, and acquire new technologies

Buildings & Construction

Prefabricated / modular construction, mobile hardware, and digitized building information models are transforming construction into a manufacturing-based industry

Clean Transportation

The transportation industry is in the early days of a dramatic and revolutionary change. OEMs, fleets and especially utilities have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape this new frontier. ADL is here to help each key player best integrate with this new ecosystem. 

Digital technologies

are breaking down barriers to market entry imposed by regulation and economies of scale, exposing the vulnerability of leaders in industries with low levels of technical and digital adoption.

ADL helps clients defend their markets from aggressive startups and digital giants alike by helping them leverage their domain expertise and incumbent knowledge with emerging technologies in which we specialize. We have helped clients in these rapidly changing industries defend their markets and grow top-line revenue with new products and services.


Mitigating the Impacts of Power Shutoffs through Building–Grid Integration

Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) have become a brute-force – and effective – way to mitigate the risk of wildfires for utilities in California. However, forced power outages are a last resort for a reason – not only do they create problems for utility customers, but they can represent millions of dollars in lost revenues for electric utilities…every hour!

As Hard as It Gets: Utility Hardening Efforts Under the Threat of Climate Change

At the current pace, it would take over 300 years to sufficiently harden the US electricity grid. As the climate changes and weather risks accelerate, it’s time to harden the grid faster and better. We need to do better than deploying more field workers for inspection and repair; we must deploy a suite of novel technologies that can scalably protect…

The Secret City that Paved the Way for Modern Prefabrication

The construction industry has been contending with an aging workforce, extended labor shortages, lack of innovation, and narrow profit margins for decades. Since 1947, it has been outpaced in labor productivity by a factor of 16. It’s no surprise then that, on average, large construction projects tend to be 80% over budget…