Made by ADL

Made by ADL Ventures

Monetizing Innovation
Creation of an “innovation conveyer belt” to commercialize internally-sourced ideas
For a large electric utility, developed the process to maximize the market potential for latent internally-developed technologies.
Open innovation challenges to leverage the new venture ecosystem to solve gnarly technical challenges
Winner of Department of Energy Innovative Pathways grant Successful challenges with Sto Corporations (Building Materials) and PG&E (Woody Biomass).
Manufacturing Hub
Platform to support hardware innovators, facilitating connections with established manufacturers
Winner of Department of Energy AIM Onshore Prize


ADL rarely begins an engagement with a blank whiteboard. We come to the table with existing products and frameworks – Made by ADL Ventures – to accelerate our impact.

Our product offerings range from pure digital platforms like Manufacturing Hub to technology-enabled services like ProblemSpace to bespoke consulting engagements tailored to the unique requirements of our clients across legacy-sector companies.

ADL Product Offering Map

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