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A team with decades of experience in both industrialized construction and building materials, we know how to drive growth through smart, focused innovation in the prefab supply chain.

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The Industrialized Construction (IC) Platform plugs seamlessly into your existing operation to develop an optimized “made for factory” product portfolio that will differentiate your company in the offsite world.

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focuses on developing and deploying new services and products on behalf of stakeholders in industrialized construction. As a do-tank, not a think-tank, our deliverables are products and outcomes as opposed to reports.



converts visions into results by blending creativity, science and business. MIG and our clients aim to transform the construction industry from a predominantly onsite industry to an offsite industry.

offers industrialized strategic solutions which leverages existing relationships with dozens of IC factories. MMC targets large real estate developers who demand a very high volume of IC solutions geographically spread throughout North America.

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Building products for manufacturing

What are the top IC products needed by prefab fabricators? 

Integrated software and process equipment

What are the process gaps that could be resolved with customized software solutions?

AEC and on-site services

What are the major barriers between factory phase and on-site phase?

Momentum Innovation Group and ADL Ventures have created a plug-and-play IC innovation platform to transform companies into recognized suppliers to IC fabricators.

Industrialized Construction Thought Leadership

Industrialized Construction: Training an Invigorated Workforce

The construction industry has been dealing with a general and skilled labor shortage since the Great Recession of 2008. There are a reported 430,000 vacant construction jobs in the U.S. that need to be filled this year to meet the high demandwe are seeing in the industry. In addition, the 2021 Q2 Chamber of Commerce Construction Index found that 88% of contractors reported having a moderate to hard time finding skilled labor and 35% of contractors reported turning down work because of a lack of skilled labor.

Are Hotel Chains the Answer to Jumpstarting Prefabrication?

Off-site construction has a multitude of benefits when compared to traditional on-site construction. The lead times are shorter because inclement weather delays are eliminated, building envelopes tend to be tighter which results in fewer issues with moisture and drafts, and there can be significantly less raw material waste. With less waste and a tighter, more energy-efficient envelope, off-site construction seems to be a strong pathway to decarbonize and advance the construction industry. So, the question remains; why is there still hesitation about implementing off-site construction?

Prefabrication: The Growing Need for Supply Chain Collaboration

Prefabricated construction systems have the potential to reduce building energy demand by up to 82% (Pittau) compared to traditional on-site builds by creating buildings with air-tight envelopes, high insulation values, triple pane windows, and ERVs for air circulation, as well as by including features such as solar panels and smart thermostats. This is not to say that traditional on-site builds cannot also have these features; but the repetition and standardization of prefab enables greater cost-efficiency, precision, and quality control.