Emerging Business Scaffolding

Fractional Team of Serial Entrepreneurs Providing the Scaffolding for Emerging Hard Tech Businesses

The Challenge for Hard Tech Entrepreneurs

Technical co-founders may have developed a product that beats the incumbent solution by 10X, but they may not have the hard-won experience on the commercial side of growing a young company.

Not only do most emerging businesses lack the budget for an effective C-Suite, they also rarely need full-time resources in each of those areas. However, every companyーno matter how smallーrequires strategic direction across business functions and a reliable execution team.

Particularly for businesses in ADL’s core areas of expertiseーBuilding & Construction, Energy & Utilities, and Smart CitiesーADL can provide the fractional team of experienced entrepreneurs capable of entering new markets, positioning a brand for an ideal customer, and tapping into various sources of funding.

Representative Areas of Expertise

New Market Entry

Particularly for a “solutions in search of problems,” ADL can uncover new markets to exploit existing technology assets

We have been on both the corporate and start-up sides of emerging technology efforts and are well-positioned to help you define and secure your first customer.

Strategic Partnerships and Funding

Entrepreneurs often look exclusively to venture capital prematurely to grow their businesses. ADL’s partners have deep experience in building a company with a variety of dilutive and non-dilutive funding tools including VC / PE, strategic, government, etc.

Marketing Strategy

ADL Partners and Principals all have experience bringing products from 0 to 1 — with that first customer always being the hardest — and directing major marketing efforts at incumbents.

ADL has built the entire fractional team of FieldNav.

Our Competitive Advantage

Serial Entrepreneurs

We know how to go from 0 to 1


We’re open to creative contracting to share in success

Leadership at Incumbents

We know how to establish relationships with legacy-sector companies

ADL Thought Leadership

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