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Mitigating the Impacts of Power Shutoffs through Building–Grid Integration

In this article co-authored with Rocky Mountain Institute’s Edie Taylor, ADL Ventures Partner Chris Richardson and Principal Ben Silton describe ways in which utilities and building owners and operators can work together to propagate resilient buildings in the form of Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings (GEBs) and microgrids, especially on the heels of the landmark legislation FERC 2222 released earlier in 2020.

As Hard as It Gets: Utility Hardening Efforts Under the Threat of Climate Change

At the current pace, it would take over 300 years to sufficiently harden the US electricity grid. As the climate changes and weather risks accelerate, it’s time to harden the grid faster and better. We need to do better than deploying more field workers for inspection and repair; we must deploy a suite of novel technologies that can scalably protect the grid and the customers that depend on it. Nothing less than the future of the utility is at stake.

Biomimicry in Our Electrical Grid

In the article “Biomimicry in Our Electrical Grid”, Ben Silton, Principal at ADL Ventures, discusses the transition to a “distributed” energy system using the human body as a backdrop for the principles of such a change.

A Meta-Analysis of the My Climate Journey Podcast

The 100+ climate-focused interviews chronicled in Jason Jacobs’ My Climate Journey (MCJ) podcast represent a trove of insights from technologists, entrepreneurs, impact investors, accelerators, and policy-makers. ADL Ventures sees MCJ as a large-scale Voice of the Customer study on the challenges and barriers the climate community faces today. ADL has conducted a robust analysis of over 300 “wishes” outlined by Jason’s interviewees and outlined five major themes that emerged from our analysis.

Benefits of Joining with NREL to Team with Solar Innovators

In light of the mass commoditization of the global solar manufacturing market and the intrinsic difficulty of the hardware innovation, ADL Ventures has been collaborating with other organizations to engage and support U.S. manufacturers and innovators working on differentiated solutions with broad relevance across the industry value chain.