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What is ADL Ventures

ADL is an award-winning corporate innovation and incubation group building startup ventures for midcaps to solve the problems they have. We work as innovation consultants for our clients designing the desired product and services that would help them improve their operating results. Then we reach into the innovation community leveraging the assets of our client to help startup an effort to deliver the desired product or services whether it be forming a new business unit or launching a stand alone new venture.

The ADL corporate innovation process leverages the assets and domain expertise of corporate partner to:

  1. Identify and align leadership financial opportunity
  2. Develop business plan
  3. Specify the technology or service needed for corporate to benefit from opportunity
  4. Identify partners that can co-develop solution
  5. Form a startup and connect to investors

Through this methodology, funding-ready business plan and team is formed with:

  • Tight market alignment
  • Industry insider access
  • First customer / Strategic partner
  • Startup team
  • Key codevelopment partnerships
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