ADL Internship Program

ADL is growing and we love having interesting conversations with folks who are passionate about innovation at legacy sector companies.

Our Program

Through our internship program, we welcome current students and recent graduates to join our team in 3-4 month paid positions. ADL interns gain hands-on experience, a connection to a network of top industry leaders and entrepreneurs, and an unparalleled opportunity to kickstart their careers by creating meaningful change in energy, buildings, and smart cities. Our interns not only work on big picture strategy but also get immersed in ADL’s “do tank” by launching and nurturing new ventures. Apply today!

Who We Are & Why ADL

ADL Ventures is a group of entrepreneurs and technology commercialization experts focused on developing and deploying new clean energy technologies and services in collaboration with major infrastructure players. Sectors of focus include building technologies, power / utilities innovation, and smart cities / transportation. Major clients include leading companies in sectors such as building materials, chemicals, and energy such as PG&E and Sto Corp, as well as high-growth venture-backed companies. ADL is also a key technology scaling partner of the US Department of Energy, helping lead programs such as the Advanced Building Construction Collaborative and the American Made Challenges.

The ADL internship is an opportunity to:

Program Alumni

Jen Taylor

Clean Energy Intern

UMass Institute of Life Sciences Fellowship – helping UMass startups and spin-offs with business development, internship at Daimler – mechatronics department, internship at UMass Clean Energy Center, internship at C3 Boston as an HVAC engineering intern.

I have covered several projects that included product, market and technical research and discovery. These projects were about bringing energy efficient solutions to buildings industry. I have been working on several blog posts that were about energy efficiency in the buildings industry. 

I loved the fast pace and the variety of projects I got to work on everyday! I love that the work we do is potentially so impactful, and I hope I am helping contribute to a cleaner and brighter future for upcoming generations.

I want to continue to work in the clean tech and clean energy field.

Lexi Nelson

Clean Energy Intern

Research as an undergraduate laboratory assistant and NSF REU student; Data Analyst Intern at BW Research Partnership, Inc.; Student Environmental Remediation Intern at the State of Rhode Island DEM; medical interpreter at the Rhode Island Free Clinic; lifeguard and youth sports coach.

I have worked on a market discovery project for a leading company in connected fleet electrification solutions, DOE’s Advanced Buildings Collaborative, NREL prizes, and general business development.

Learning about new sustainable technologies and collaborating with our passionate team on challenging and impactful work.

I hope to work on the technical side for a startup developing sustainable technology, perhaps in water or energy services.

William McCormack

Clean Energy Intern

Before ADL, I interned at a data-driven news magazine named The Wire China and previously worked as a Yawkey Fellow at Raising A Reader Massachusetts, a nonprofit based in Boston.

I have helped out with a non-diesel alternatives project for PG&E, work with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and business development efforts at ADL

Having the opportunity to learn more about the energy transition and clean energy innovations with my everyday work has been a highlight. Gaining hands-on experience collaborating alongside supportive ADL colleagues and clients with deep expertise in energy has also been valuable.

I hope to find fulfilling opportunities that allow me to keep learning. While I don’t yet have one specific industry in mind, I’d be interested in continuing to pursue work that contributes to decarbonization and combating climate change.

Gib Versfeld

Clean Energy Intern

Prior to ADL, I was an analyst for a hedge fund in New York City, Navy Capital, where I developed bottom-up financial models. I have also served as a research assistant for one of my political science professors at Amherst, Eleonora Mattiacci. Our work focused on nuclear policy and rebel group social media campaigns.

I have worked on a project for a startup with advanced sensor technology and been assisting with business development across ADL.

I have been continually challenged and encouraged to think differently, which has been really enjoyable! My favorite part has been the level of ownership over the advanced radar project that I have held. It has been rewarding to have such an impact on each project. I can’t forget to mention that it has been extremely fun to work alongside a talented and supportive team.

I plan to continue working as a consultant, specifically involved in sustainability and socially driven initiatives. These two areas excite me and will drive future growth and advancements moving forward. My goal is to further my education to earn my MBA while developing more in-depth industry-specific knowledge. I am also really passionate about coaching lacrosse and would like to stay involved in underserved areas.

Caroline Kenton

Clean Energy Intern

Process engineering with Shell, Analyst with Rhapsody Venture Partners, Business Development with SiTration, and immunology research

Wildfire Ignition Prevention with PG&E and supporting the E-ROBOT challenge with the D.O.E.

Being able to research clean energy technologies and learn something new every day!

I’d like to work at a renewable energy startup on the engineering side. I’m really interested in energy storage and I’d love to play a role in the energy transition.

Roberto Interiano

Building Innovation Intern

  • – Interned at architecture, structural engineering, and construction management firms
  • – Researched and experimented with sustainable building materials.

I have worked on the DOE’s Advanced Building Collaborative, startup with advanced sensor technology, LBL Window-Wall Integration, and E-Robot.

The people! The ADL team genuinely cares about your success, and the environment is exceedingly supportive. Interns are encouraged to take on a lot of responsibility, and there are plenty of opportunities to shape the internship experience to align with your interests.

I want to work as an external consultant or internal strategy associate in a sustainability-related field. I am particularly interested in off-shore wind and smart cities.

Yan Yan


Engineer Associate at REsurety.

The flexibility of schedule and constantly have new projects to work on.

Project management skills.

Senior Associate at ADL Ventures!

Helene Rowland

Clean Energy Intern

Various including economic consulting, solar development, and sustainability

Meeting/working with incredible people!

How to move from a school to work mindset

Analyst at Analysis Group in Boston

Helena Rowe

Market Research Intern

  • – Interned as a Strategic Marketing Intern at a business incubator for clean-tech and biotech startups
  • – Climate change risk analysis research with a professor in the GW Business School
  • – Led a group of business development managers for a non profit focused on cross cultural exchanges in the workplace

Gaining exposure to a wide variety of projects… each team member was eager to share their projects and experience with me which was extremely helpful as an undergraduate navigating career options!

While at ADL, I learned a lot about the construction industry which I had little exposure to before. I’ve always been interested in sustainability and clean energy, so learning about advanced construction opened my eyes to the importance of our built environment to the sustainability and climate change conversation since buildings account for about 40% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

I am a full time student and doing research with my data analytics professor. We are collecting electric vehicle (EV) data from different organizations over time from different organizations to understand how forecasts change within and between organizations as well as over time.

Thor Elfarsson

Technology and Innovation Intern

Served on the board of Harvard Student Agencies, founder of a traffic incentives startup, and member of a consulting club.

Learning about the energy industry from my coworkers and industry experts.

How to synthesize information and communicate with clients, along with interview outreach techniques.

Incoming Summer Associate at Boston Consulting Group